-Meet Our Instructors And Staff-

Master Hollie Hamm

Master Hollie Hamm began her Martial Arts journey in 1996 in Georgia at UMAS Karate. She earned her first black belt in 1999. She began assisting classes at the age of 12 and went on to become one of the youngest Instructors in the organization. After a move to Florida, she continued her love for Martial Arts, teaching children, and opened Resolute Martial Arts. Master Hamm is now a 5th-degree black belt under the American Karate Association. She is also the President of the Professional Martial Arts Conference, a national tournament league. Outside of Martial Arts, Master Hamm enjoys running, rowing, and weight lifting. She also loves hot yoga and her doggy family at home.

Mr. Miguel Mendoza

Mr. Mendoza began his training under Master Hamm at the beginning of Resolute Martial Arts and has grown into a local celebrity. He is currently a 3rd Degree Black Belt under Master Hamm, and is working on his 4th Degree. Mr. Mendoza is a Certified Instructor, and is the Head Instructor of the Hyper Fight Club program. He also is a Level 2 Certified Official for the Professional Martial Arts Conference and judges at tournaments nation wide. He is an amazing mentor and role model for all of the students at Resolute.

Mr. Connor Roberts

Mr. Roberts started his training when he was 6 years old under Master Hamm. He is an accomplished competitor, with accolades being a 10 National Champion and a 10 Regional Champion. He has also done well competing on the NASKA World Tour on team Competitive Edge with wins at the Battle of Atlanta and The AKA Warrior Cup. He is currently a Certified Instructor, 2nd Degree Black Belt working on his 3rd Degree, and the traveling coach for the Competition Team. He has exceptional grades and is currently working on becoming a student at West Point.

-Tour Our Facility-

Resolute Martial Arts

Resolute Martial arts operates out of a 5,000 square foot facility custom designed to offer you and your family the best experience. The parking lot is easy to access and offers plenty of parking spaces. If you’re not quite sure where we are located, we are on Commons Drive, right behind the Wal-Mart shopping center. Our suite is located on the left side of the center.

Resolute Martial Arts Pro Shop

We stock our own Pro-Shop so you don’t have to look far to get the best training equipment for your classes or when you want to train at home. If we don’t have it in stock for you, most orders arrive within a week. And don’t worry, all sharp objects are kept way out of reach. 🙂 We also offer healthy snacks and drink options as living a healthy lifestyle is part of our DNA. Check in with the Pro-Shop every week as there is always something to get excited about.

Resolute Martial Arts After School Room

One you get inside you will notice our large training mat, and a few other rooms. Besides the obvious training mat area where 95% of the classes take place we also offer Destin’s Award Winning After School Pick-Up Program where students are picked up from their school and transported back to Resolute Martial Arts. We provide homework and reading time along with other structured activities to make sure they are never bored after school again. These awesome students have their own rooms away from the traffic of the rest of the school.

-Award Winning Programs-

Resolute Martial Arts Classes

Martial Arts

Resolute Martial Arts teaches a blended system of Martial Arts using aspects from Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Krav Maga, Judo, Arnis and combines the best aspects of each respected arts into a complete system for all ages. Even though we teach the same system to all ages, the classes are broken down by age. This is one reason our Martial Arts program was awarded the “Best of Emerald Coast.” We also separate the beginners from the advanced students allowing our advanced students to perform at their peak ability while allowing the beginners to train without intimidation or discouragement. You may see some advanced students assisting with the beginners as a main focus in the school is on Leadership and becoming a leader in the community.

Resolute Martial Arts After School

After School Pick-Up

If you are searching for a place for your child after school, we can stop your search here. There is no other after school experience like ours in Destin. We know, because we’ve looked. Our kids are picked up from their academic school and transported back to Resolute Martial Arts. From there, we provide Snack, Homework Time, Reading Time, Structured Activities, and Structured Games plus it’s all done in an extremely clean and safe environment. Oh, not to mention our after school program is coupled with our Award Winning Martial Arts classes, so not only will they have an awesome time after school but they will gain life skills that can be applied at home, at their school and everywhere they go. For more information about our After School Pick-Up program just click here.

Ultimate Summer Camp

Summer Camp

Ultimate Summer Camp is held at Resolute Martial Arts and takes place every week school is out during the summer. We also host week long camps during spring, fall and winter breaks as well as day camps for such holidays as MLK day, Columbus Day, Presidents Day, etc… Pretty much when school is out, Ultimate Summer Camp is in.

The camps accepts ages 5 and up. From the moment you arrive there is structure, discipline but TONS OF FUN! Each week is packed full of games, activities and field trips. There is plenty of supervision from our world class team since safety is always our greatest focus. For more information just click here.

Hyper Fight Club Kickboxing

Hyper Fight Club

Get ready for the best workout of your life! Our Hyper Fight Club Kickboxing program packs a major punch and delivers one intense workout. Each class burns up to 800 calories and tones and sculpts your muscle through resistance training. You’ve probably heard that kickboxing is one of the best workouts you can have because it works every part of your body while developing your cardiovascular system. Listen, don’t believe the hype…come check it out for yourself and see. It’s the only way to truly know. For more information on Hyper Fight Club Kickboxing just click here.

Ok, so I’m sure you’ve seen how great our staff, facility and programs are but the best part of our school is our students. Are you ready to be one? Just start here.

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