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Resolute Martial Arts is now offering an alternative to your boring workout routines…HYPER FIGHT CLUB! In Hyper Fight Club you learn real Kickboxing without the worry of stepping into the ring and possibly getting hurt. You train like champions using the same equipment and the same methods as the top athletes. Each session runs for 6 weeks and includes your gloves. If you haven’t tried it out yet, don’t hesitate to click  on the “Save My Seat” button below. We will contact you to schedule a trial class to see for yourself why you can’t miss this awesome opportunity!

What can you expect to learn in this class?

  • Real Striking Skills
  • Real Bagwork Skills
  • Real Footwork Skills
  • Real Reaction/Defensive Skills
  • Real Cardio Development

What you can expect to accomplish?

  • Burn 800+ calories per class
  • Tone every muscle in your body through intense cardio
  • Build muscle using resistance training on bags
  • Have fun while getting into the best shape of your life
  • Learn real kickboxing skills

-Frequently Asked Questions-

Do I have to be in shape to start?

The Quick Answer is NO!

We would recommend to ask your doctor before you start any exercise program if you have any health conditions or suspect that you do, however our classes are for novice and experienced athletes. Our super skilled instructors can tailor your routines to challenge you based on your skill level.

Will I lose weight in this class?

That depends...

If you take the class and then go eat a whole pizza afterwards, you probably won’t lose any weight. But if you make decent eating choices and take the class, you will burn more calories than you intake, therefore you should lose weight and inches. We are here to help see you through it!

Can I bring a friend to train with?

The quick answer is yes!

So of course, you can bring a friend. All studies show a significant increase in engagement when you train with friends which lead to more weight loss because you stick with the workout longer. We will even give them the same price you paid and give you a discount on your next session!
“Resolute Martial Arts is a “home away from home” for my daughter. She loves the training and it has helped with her self-confidence. A professional and premiere training school! I recommend you make this your choice!”
Tanya Heath

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